Smartists News

Spring 2021

Dear Smartists’ friends and also those newcomers reading this monthly newsletter for the first time,

In my last one about Smartists, I introduced you to our very first mvp, an early stage sample of what we really want to build for self-managed artists. Now we have new challenges ahead, and we are starting a new format for the newsletter too.


Today I am very happy to share that our application for a Stacks Grant was approved, so with the support from the Stacks Foundation we are facing an important next challenge: defining the smart contracts that can bring copyright licensing to NFTs in the Stacks ecosystem. Implementing this piece of technology will make possible for artists-authors to make the deals they want on Smartists in the private galleries we envision. Moreover our research and development will also benefit creators and collectors in other NFTs marketplaces built on Stacks.

In the MEDIA

I cannot help but sharing that Smartists was mentioned in different media, while introducing the user-owned Internet Stacks is building: first, during the sessions “A better Internet built on Bitcoin” at Universidad Francisco Marroquin (Madrid Campus); and then also in the Interview “Dapps and Smart Contracts on Bitcoin” hosted by Bit2me which is determined to introduce Bitcoin to everyone, and does such a wonderful job from their Bit2me Academy (in English and in Spanish), apart from many other initiatives. I had a wonderful time with them, and I cannot help but leaving the video here, although it’s in Spanish.


Furthermore, I have been in contact with Gavriella Abekassis who does a wonderful job providing business training to visual artists on her “The Artist Entrepreneur Club & Newsletter”, and I am very grateful for she mentioned my article on NFTs in one of her Masterclasses. Actually, I am really excited to have met Gavriella, as she helps me to connect with the real world of visual artists, from the business perspective, and I cannot be more grateful.

While we are considering some other new collaborations, I keep posting the episodes of my podcast in Spanish “Hacia el Internet del Valor” as well as the blogposts “Towards the Internet of Value” with their English translations. Here also we are considering new initiatives to bring awareness and provide information to artists-authors about the new opportunities for self-management the web 3 is starting to provide.

On top of that

We have a new landing page for newcomers to discover Smartists. There you can find out more about our story and misson as well as contact privately.

As we progress with Smartists from the technical point of view, we need to keep very close to artists-authors to know first-hand how they are embracing these news opportunities NFTs and blockchain tech provides.

So we encourage those who are just discovering Smartists reading these lines, and who want to build a better Internet for artists to join us. This is a great time to get involved and contribute to the future web3!

I thank you very much those who are already in the list of this monthly newsletter (you know you can unsubscribe anytime). We have updated the format also to make it easier for you to share our news with self-managed authors around you.

Georgina Mauriño, Founder of Smartists