Smartists for Privacy - Defending a Fundamental Right

Our Privacy Policy and more

First let’s welcome the newcomers to this newsletter!

A few weeks ago I was very fortunate to write an article for The Artist Entrepreneur Club, a newsletter for a thriving community of visual artists. Thanks to the ones joining us. I hope to keep to bring you some useful information from Smartists.

We want our terms of service to be defined having heard the opinion of our future users, so it just makes sense to count on our community to make the most sounded decisions while we progress in our mission. Regulation and Technology itself mark the limits of the services we can offer, but we are determined to serve our users, self-managed artists as well as creative users, to make business on the web without giving away any fundamental right like privacy.

And to get started, here is the Smartists Privacy Policy we are about to publish in our mvp and we are going to stick to it as part of our Terms of Service, which I will be sharing here as we build our solutions for self- managed artists. After all, this is for you, only if you want.

Discover how we are going to protect your privacy, and set new grounds for online Confidentiality. All this is possible, because we are building Smartists on Stacks, the blockchain for a user owned Internet. You can comment here or send us an email to if you want to share your opinion or want more information.

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Thank you for your being part of this project, and help us build a better future for artists on the web.

Have a nice day!

Georgina Mauriño
Founder of Smartists, built on Stacks, for a user owned Internet.