Fall for users…

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This Fall we are entering a new stage in the development of Smartists.

It’s been a long way researching and designing the best solutions we could envision. We have counted on a few loyal artists-authors to provide feedback for every step, and I want to send them a special THANK YOU!

Now, we are heading towards the UX-UI design, looking to be able to launch our testable mvp2 hopefully before the end of the year, with our 3 main features:

  • Creating an Account with your unique key and your own storage

  • Opening a Private Studio for confidential collaborations

  • Opening a Private Gallery to sell genuine art-NFTs with copyrights licenses

For those unfamiliar with technical language, UX-UI (User Experience and User Interface) is the design you see and enjoy when using an application. For a DApp like Smartists, providing such innovative services, it is paramount to design an easy and joyful experience. Managing your art works can be fun and rewarding on the web 3, and this is what we intend to do. So we will be working with a partner with great expertise to make our DApp as useful and enjoyable as possible.

But users have their say here, and we thought it could be a good idea to find a space for developers, artists and art-users to hangout and exchange views. So we have just opened our Discord server to start growing a community for Smartists. Here is your invitation. Join and start the discussion!

We look forward to meeting you there! Working together, we can manage to have a really useful DApp.

Finally, I can’t help sharing that we will be introducing Smartists next month in Codemotion Tech Conference - Spanish edition, where we will make a short introduction about NFTs and copyrights, and how we are building our DApp on Stacks.

Thank you for following our steps!

Georgina Mauriño
Founder of Smartists, built on Stacks, for a user owned Internet.

P.S. For those of you speaking Spanish I have just started the new season of my Podcast “Hacia el Internet del Valor”, where I invite artists to discover Web 3 and all the opportunities it can unfold for them. I usually share the English translation of the scripts in my Sigle blog. Here is the first episode of this new season: “A day in NYC: Travel to the Renaissance of the Internet”.