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Smartists -> self-management on the web 3.0

Hello Smartists’ friends, and welcome to those joining this newsletter recently.

QUICK UPDATE . Smartists is progressing fairly well in the research to make Licenses for NFTs possible. This is a crucial element for art NFTs’ creators and sellers who are also copyrights owners. Because we are building the user owned Internet (with the support of the Stacks foundation), at Smartists we need to make Legal and Technical matters come together for self-managed artists to be able to benefit from their Intellectual property/copyrights on the web 3.

CALL TO ACTION from the Smartists’ team.

We want to be very precise when designing our licenses, so they are really useful. Then, apart from technical and legal advice, we need personal feedback from artists… so don’t be surprised if you receive an invitation for 1 on 1 meeting so discuss about the design of our first licenses.

A NEW PARADIGM. So far, authors have rarely made good business neither by themselves in the physical world nor in the web 2.0. We need to bring awareness about the new opportunities technology is going to provide. And from Smartists we are committed to share all the information and experience we have as we build our solutions for them. This is the reason I started my podcast in Spanish “Hacia el Internet del valor”.


Next June 11 at 6p (CEST-Madrid), we will be hosting a Zoom meeting about self-management for artists on the web 3.0. This is just a starting point, and the event will be in Spanish, but we intend to repeat it in English in the future. Anyway, here is the link to the event’s announcement in case you have some Spanish speaking artist-author around with whom you would like to share it.


Moreover, Smartists contacted Jesse Halfon, attorney specialising in Copyright Law and NFTs, who wrote an NFTs Legal Guide for Creators, which we have translated to Spanish with his permission. It is a fairly simple and straightforward 10 page document with the essentials all creators minting NFTs should know. I am happy to share here the link to his new blog “The Laws of Creation”, but you can also find Jess on ClubHouse where he often addresses his views on NFTs and makes the legal point. This is a subject matter really new with so many possible use-cases yet to be explored that conversations are fascinating.

Thank you very much for reading these lines.

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All the best to each and everyone of you!