A Smart Contract to stand for your rights

A major milestone in our journey towards a better Internet for authors

I hope everyone is well at the time of receiving these news,

We are happy to share that Smartists has developed a smart contract that will enable our users to mint genuine NFTs and sell them with their unique copyrights license granting specific rights in the terms of the authors’ choice.

This is actually a crucial milestone in our journey towards a better Internet for authors. And it has been possible thanks to the support of the Stacks grants. Our developer, Fhil, and our tech advisors deserve my public gratitude for their great job. I am humbled to count with such talented individuals in our team.

The Smartists founding team wants for artists to be able to bring their original files to the web preserving their rights, and not being compelled to give up on the copyrights of originals they rightfully own.

At the beginning of this Q4, it is good to recall that Smartists stands for three fundamental rights which are dear to artists: Privacy, Intellectual Property and Freedom of Speech. Such interconnected rights are present in our mission and vision. Today more that ever, we want Smartists to be the tool for artists to express and communicate their original creations to their readers, clients, listeners, etc. directly, securely, and freely.

These founding principles set us apart from many other projects (including most NFTs marketplaces), according to the terms of service that we always recommend to read. Accordingly, our business model will be design following our principles, which always come first. But, to succeed we will definitely need the support of our community .

This Fall we will focus in bringing all our backend work to life for our first users. And we may need to count on our pioneer members’ opinions to validate some decisions. Community participation and involvement is very important as we head towards a testable app with all its functionalities.

Introducing a new meeting point for artists and developers in this newsletter.

We have a brand new Discord server for our members -from the art and the tech world- to start the conversation. For those new to Discord, this is a space for communities to chat, hangout, meet and spread relevant information. It is well known and widely used by tech communities and it can be a discovery for traditional artists (like it was for me some time ago). For Smartists it can be the place to join and share our views on Copyrights, NFTs, Privacy… while we get ready to show Smartists to the world.

We feel this Fall is the beginning of a new stage for Smartists, and we hope this meeting point can help trigger very much needed discussions between future users and builders of the web 3. So, join us there!

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Georgina Mauriño
Founder of Smartists, built on Stacks, for a user owned Internet.